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Is Your Data & Al Career Keeping Pace with the Rapidly Growing World?

Neglecting this flourishing landscape can result in missed opportunities and falling behind in the ever-evolving world of data and Al.

Embracing the rapid growth ensures you remain at the forefront of innovation and opens doors to exciting career prospects.

We're here for you to navigate the evolving landscape.


Start Breaking Free

◉ Not utilizing your talent
◉ Working with legacy tech stack
◉ Being in a declining learning curve
◉ Working in a toxic work environment
◉ Not pursuing your ambitions

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Ignite your Data & AI Career:
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we have 16+ years of recruitment experience and understand the importance of building a solid data or ai team in a dynamic world.

We recruit the best talent for you based on market intelligence and data while adapting the interview process to your specific business environment.

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What kind of jobs or services can you get via us?

Elevate your data career with our Triple A-approach. Every next career step should align with your career goals. We got you covered.

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Our permanent placement service focuses on finding the perfect long-term career fit for you. We partner with leading companies to ensure a perfect fit for your aspirations and skills, propelling your (career) growth towards long-term successs.


Explore the flexibility of your data career with our Contracting service. Whether you prefer short-term projects or aim to gain exposure to various industries and technologies, we connect you with exciting opportunities that align with your skills and preferences.


Leverage our consultancy services to gain valuable guidance and insights for your data career. Our personalized consultations provide expert advice and strategic recommendations, empowering you to make informed decisions and maximize your potential in the dynamic world of data.


Discover new horizons and enhance your data expertise through our Secondment service. With the opportunity to work with different organizations and teams for a set period, you'll gain exposure to diverse projects and industries, fostering professional growth and positioning yourself as a sought-after data expert.

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Tim Rijnaarts

Co-founder & Managing Director

Kargen Aykut

Recruitment Consultant

William Lanser

Founder& Account Director

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What people are saying

Director Data & Analytics

“They hit the nail on the head when working with us. Poreion presented us 3 candidates and we could finalise the interview process in 10 days. Terrific agency to work with for your Data & AI hiring!”

Corporate Recruiter

“Driven and passionate people are working at Poreion. They are always looking for a solutions for our Data & AI recruitment challenges, whether it is perm or freelance. I love working with them and strongly recommend them.”

Senior Data Scientist

“In overall a very good experience with Poreion. They were quick in responding and were open and transparant in their communication. We’ve found a perfect match in no-time. I highly recommend Poreion for your next step in your Data & AI career.”

Business Intelligence Analyst

“We had a good laugh during our first call and they were thoroughly when discussing my career ambitions. A good blend of informal and proffesionalism that I don’t see often with other recruitment agences. If you’re exploring what to do next in your career, I’d recommend Poreion Data & AI recruitment.”

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